Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hello April, Please Be Good...

Hello People.

It's April then and i am actually really glad because this is my favourite month/time of the year because it's two of my favourite things put together, it's Spring & it's April, for me it really cannot get any better than that really :). However as much as i love this season it really does have a few down sides with one of them being those annoying bees or wasps flying around trying to attack me but i must appreciate all the up sides because they outweigh the few not so great parts of Spring. I just love this month and am honestly praying, hoping and patiently waiting for many good things to come my way this month as well as for my family, friends and you guys. This month can easily be amazing it just depends on your mindset. So remember to be thankful.

Yesterday was my 23rd Birthday and it was a great day filled with goodness even though at times throughout the day i felt myself not really being in the b-day mood but other than that all was well thankfully. Me and my twin sister couldn't really get over how quickly time flies because we remember it like it was yesterday when we turned 20, so to be turning 23 is definitely scary for us. A lot has changed since 2011 but at the same time a lot has stayed the same which is good, so it's a good balance i feel between the two. Sometimes i do feel really old but then i realise that you know what am still young so it's all good for now :D. Am hoping that this year is better than the last for me and for everybody else. I really try to be optimistic majority of the time but obviously i do have those days where i do feel sad, very low or upset etc which is fine i guess. Blogging is cool and for me it's weird to still think that i've stuck to it since i started, mind you i do have them days where i think to myself, "why do i even blog" hahaha but it's all good. Have an Epic APRIL!!!

Happy April. Happiness Is A Choice. Live Happily.

Love You Guys!


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