Thursday, 17 April 2014

Maxi Skirts, Simplicity, Modest Styles

Hello Girls,

Hope your day is going great whenever you read this be today or another day. Remember you are in control of your day, never let a single negative thought, comment or thing ruin your day. Be a lot more wiser and know that each and every day can be filled with goodness if you choose to smile, stay positive and remember how blessed you are to be alive for another day. 

In today's topic i just wanted to talk about how maxi skirts can be fun to wear as well as modest and stylish, nowadays not many women/girls know how to style maxi skirts but am hoping with a little inspiration you can choose to wear more maxi skirts this spring season. Now the two images that i have put together show two very different yet simple looks. The first image shows more of the outfit which is good as you get to see the top, accessories and maxi skirt styled together, this outfit would definitely be great for an evening out even though the outfit has both dressy and casual elements. The second image only shows a section of the outfit but i chose this image because of the simple earthy tones it contains i just love it because even though you don't get to see the full outfit it still inspires you to style maxi skirts your own way and the way you want. 

Overall both looks captures the simplicity that comes with maxi skirts and the spring time. I hope that you girls try to have fun with your outfits when it comes to wearing longer skirts. It's simpler than it looks to style a maxi skirt. Play around with different colours, accessories and looks and see what works for you. Hope this blog post inspired you girls :).
Modesty will always be in style, trust me...

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