Sunday, 6 April 2014

Weekend Music: Pharrell Williams - Happy

Hello Guys...

Today i wanted to share with you all a song which i have been recently loving and listening to nonstop by (Pharell Williams - Happy) and it's definitely a mood lifter because it's a song which am very sure will get you feeling happy and in a cheery mood. Now i've heard this song before here and there but i never actually got the chance to sit down and properly listen to it but however i had the time recently to do that this week and i must say i was hooked, i kept this song on repeat for awhile because that's how obsessed i became with this upbeat, catchy and fun song, I couldn't stop listening to it. This song has become a favourite for me this week. Pharrell totally did a great job with this song as a whole, the music video is also great. Be sure to check it out :)


A "EPIC" Cover by The Talented British R&B Singer-Songwriter, "Angel".
I love this cover by Angel, honestly his vocals are on point, amazing and epic. 
.Talented Singers. A Epic Cover. Stunning Voices. 
Two Ladies singing backing vocals also did a Fabulous Job.
Be Sure to give it a watch/listen because am sure you'll be blown away :).

Be The 1 To Aspire 2 Inspire... 

Have A Spectacular Sunday Whatever Your Plans & Remember To Stay Safe.

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