Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to be happy, my thoughts..

This time last year everything was completely different for me and my family and am sure many of you as well but it got me thinking about how easy it can be to be happy when you start to think more happy thoughts, do what makes you happy and well surround yourself with happy people. Life is a journey and in that journey we will definitely come across many ups and downs, many good times but also bad times and many successes and many failures but the key to attaining happiness or to being happy is to just understand and realise that everything happens for a reason and that eventually things will improve in your life for the better and so with that in mind to live each and every day being as happy as you possibly can. Try it this week :).

I sometimes get told what i should be doing in my life whether it's from my family or friends but it honestly can get a little difficult when they do not understand what it is that you are trying to achieve or do, i get it that family will always want whats best for you and don't get me wrong i do take on everything that is said to me but now am at that point in my life where i just want to do what makes me happy for once. If you're a little younger lets say between the ages of 13-18 then i definitely think you should finish your school education first, before making any bold decisions but feel free to make some happy changes in your life that will benefit you for the better, it's all about those positive vibes. Leave the much bigger changes if possible until you're a little older and wiser. We can all be happy with both little or big changes in our lives but first we must change how we see life and realise happiness is possible and close enough for us to grab it with our hands :)

You can be happy, yes you reading this. Happiness can become reality... 

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