Saturday, 31 May 2014

..Twin Takes Over...

My Top 5 Instagram Pictures of this week 

Hello Folks, I hope you're all well and living life to it's fullest as they say (grin). So I decided to select these five photos for a few reasons. Before i get started i want to let you know that i'm very active on instagram so if you like what you see then do follow me @laydeesensitive. Ok now lets continue. 

All the pictures above capture some sort of memory or emotion/mood for me. And to me i would have to feel the emotion/mood of a picture to actually find it interesting. let me further explain to you briefly. Picture 2 (of the roses) captures a sense of happiness i felt on my birthday whereas, on picture 5 it showcases my silly personalities in one picture gram which is pretty cool. It reminds me of an old school polaroid. 

at the end of the day. Some pictures have a important meaning and some don't. But for me these come in my Top 5 this week.

ok Take care for now, and i'll see you folks soon. Adios Amigos

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