Monday, 30 June 2014

Twin YouTubers - Monica Shelby - Vlog Channel
In today's post i wanted to share with you all a YouTube channel which I've been loving recently by twin sisters Monica and Shelby Church honestly i feel like i can relate to them because am a twin and because they seem relatable as young people too. I don't know what it is but i find myself being drawn to their daily vlogging/vlogs in general. I not only find the vlogs entertaining, funny at times but also super addicting to watch but hey that's just me and i really love their videos. I really love watching vlogs on YouTube from these girls and many others because you somewhat get a little look into their lives which i find interesting, cool and fun. So whenever you guys get a chance be sure to check them out, YouTube Link will be down below. Also can i add how is it already the last day of June, like what? Tomorrow is July which seriously just blows my mind, time is flying guys and i feel like i can't keep up, am probably guessing you guys feel the same way too. I truly hope you guys had a great last day of June.
::Some Of My Favourites From Monica Shelby::

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

☼ ☼ 10 Things to Try This Summer ☼ ☼

10 Things to Try This Summer!

1} Try to enjoy the beautiful outdoors more, be around nature, enjoy the better weather :)

2} Try to have more fun with your family, go to the cinema together or the park, appreciate them.

3} Try to create fun delicious summer smoothies and drinks to keep you hydrated..

4} Try to make the most of the longer summer days, enjoy the extra sunlight/daylight this season.

5} Try to be kind on a daily basis, show kindness to everyone in your life, be more kind...

6} Try to go on fun summer adventures with your friends, be thankful for summer :)

7} Try to watch the sunrise and sunset, it's the little things that make life beautiful.

8} Try to get healthy, make good changes that will improve your health for the better, go try it!

9} Try to redo your garden and give it a burst of life, make it season appropriate..

10} Try to fill this summer with fun memories, great experiences, chill vibes and smile often.

Hope This Inspires You To Try New Things This Summer...


Saturday, 28 June 2014

☼ Happy Summer 2014 | Summer Drinks Inspiration ☼

Hello Guys...

Well it's officially Summer, here's to a fun season filled with chill vibes, positive thinking, fun times and a lot more. Remember anything and everything is possible, so be more optimistic and more thankful this Summer. So it took me awhile to decide an appropriate yet fun blog post to write for you lot to kick start Summer and after much thinking i came up with a Summer drinks inspiration which am hoping will inspire you guys to get creative with what you drink in the upcoming warmer/hotter months. We all tend to get very thirsty when the temperatures start to rise and knowing how important it is to stay cool and hydrated, it only seemed right that i start with a drinks inspiration blog post filled with fun, fruity and fabulous drink pictures that will hopefully give you guys some ideas this season.

I love to get creative with what i drink and eat now and again but sometimes i find myself not being enthusiastic enough to try and have fun with what i prepare or make for myself essentially. So a number one goal of mine this season is to change that and whilst i know it will not be that easy i really do believe that all it takes is determination, positivity and some time to get with it and enjoy making creative and photo worthy food and drinks, so be sure to experiment, think outside the box and most importantly enjoy yourself. Summer should be a time when you relax, appreciate the free time you have and have fun be inside your own home or outside, even if you are going to be super busy this season don't let that be a reason to stop you from being happy. Make sure to chill out and get some down time whenever possible. Hope you guys have a great Summer, stay safe whatever your plans and appreciate/celebrate life.

Summer Drinks Inspiration

Hope you enjoyed my selection of summer drinks pictures, remember to experiment because there
are endless ways to be creative with your cold summer drinks...

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Happy Summer, Stay Cool & Stay Hydrated This Summer :)

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Friday, 20 June 2014

How You Can Have A Good Friday


Well today is the last official day of Spring which i am very surprised and shocked about 
because it felt like yesterday that spring started, so honestly am very confused that it's summer tomorrow like how? Wow, i must add though that this season had it's highs and lows for me but overall i really had a great spring filled with happiness, good times and lots of fun moments/experiences, so am hoping summer is just as great if not better. Life can definitely be hard whether it be family or school or even just everything (trust me i've been there too many times and it is so not fun nor easy but i guess that's life for you) but my point is that despite life being filled with hardships we shouldn't let that take away our happiness. Life is a big blessing, a gift and it should be cherished, being given the privilege to see another day is indescribable and it should be something we are all grateful for, every day.

This time last year everything was completely different for me even though i still feel like the same person and am still me, my life then was just different, so am really glad that this year is proving to be a bit better which is a good thing for me right now. So i really hope you guys enjoy today and remember to make it a good day, don't let anyone ruin today for you and most importantly be thankful for another Friday and be Happy today.

.How you can have a good Friday..
                                                      Six things that i came up with...

  • You can have a good Friday by remembering how amazing this beautiful day is.
  • Be happy, think happy thoughts and don't let anyone take away your happy energy..
  • Spend time with family and friends today and appreciate every moment with them.
  • Do let positivity into your home, your life on this great Friday and enjoy today..
  • Smile, because not only is it free but because you can, smile, smile and smile.
  • Remember how blessed you are and be thankful for all you have right now..

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Be good, Be kind & Be the person you want to be in life.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Celebrating 50,000 Blog Views? Am Happy :) - Thank You!!!

 Hello There,

Today's blog post is a very special one for me because I've reached 50,000+ blog views here on my blog which is very exciting yet crazy yet amazing to think about. Honestly am super happy, grateful and lost for words (in a good way of course :), i really don't know what else to say other than a big { THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE AMAZING SUPPORT FROM YOUR GUYS} its crazy to actually be writing this thank you blog post today and honestly its weird yet wonderful. I felt the same kind of mixed emotions when i hit 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 & 40,000 it gets crazier to think about each time. Seriously though on a more calmer level am really appreciative for all the support i get every single day whether it be 20 views or a 100 views, it all means very much to me that someone would take the time out of their day to visit/view my blog and maybe even enjoy reading my posts, which is so cool to think about.

My blog is something that am proud of because i remember at first i was a little bit unsure as to whether i should create one or not and am actually very glad that i was brave enough to do so, this is because it has become a place for me to share with you guys what i like etc. Am aware that am not the best blogger, writer or the most creative person but none of that matters to me as long as am doing my absolute best to create blog posts that are literally enjoyable to read, i do my best to inspire, to write decent posts and to put out positive energy to the best of my ability. I have my moments when i feel uninspired, feel negative or sad but those are the times when i try to either stay away from blogging or use my blog for a more positive outlet. I never want to portray or encourage negativity, hence why i try to put out positive/happy blog posts. Thank you for all the beautiful support, i don't think i would have come this far without you guys. Am praying and hoping for bigger and better things this year, since last year wasn't the best year for me and who knows my blog may just take me somewhere special someday...

THANK YOU, for 50,000 Blog Views... 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

☮ 12 Things To Appreciate ☮

☮ A little list of things you should appreciate   

1* Appreciate all of your blessings, whether it be big or small.

2* Appreciate life and realise how amazing it is to be alive..

3* Appreciate those beautiful moments when you are happy.

4* Appreciate your health always, it's very important your health

5* Appreciate the beauty of nature here on planet earth :)

6* Appreciate every day whether it's a good day or a bad day...

7* Appreciate your family and never take them for granted.

8* Appreciate the home you live in and be grateful for it always.

9* Appreciate your mother and father, love them no matter what..

10* Appreciate that you have the opportunity to attend school

11* Appreciate those good times/vibes spent in complete happiness :)

12* Appreciate the lovely Spring time because it's almost gone...

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