Thursday, 5 June 2014

☮ 12 Things To Appreciate ☮

☮ A little list of things you should appreciate   

1* Appreciate all of your blessings, whether it be big or small.

2* Appreciate life and realise how amazing it is to be alive..

3* Appreciate those beautiful moments when you are happy.

4* Appreciate your health always, it's very important your health

5* Appreciate the beauty of nature here on planet earth :)

6* Appreciate every day whether it's a good day or a bad day...

7* Appreciate your family and never take them for granted.

8* Appreciate the home you live in and be grateful for it always.

9* Appreciate your mother and father, love them no matter what..

10* Appreciate that you have the opportunity to attend school

11* Appreciate those good times/vibes spent in complete happiness :)

12* Appreciate the lovely Spring time because it's almost gone...

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