Monday, 30 June 2014

Twin YouTubers - Monica Shelby - Vlog Channel
In today's post i wanted to share with you all a YouTube channel which I've been loving recently by twin sisters Monica and Shelby Church honestly i feel like i can relate to them because am a twin and because they seem relatable as young people too. I don't know what it is but i find myself being drawn to their daily vlogging/vlogs in general. I not only find the vlogs entertaining, funny at times but also super addicting to watch but hey that's just me and i really love their videos. I really love watching vlogs on YouTube from these girls and many others because you somewhat get a little look into their lives which i find interesting, cool and fun. So whenever you guys get a chance be sure to check them out, YouTube Link will be down below. Also can i add how is it already the last day of June, like what? Tomorrow is July which seriously just blows my mind, time is flying guys and i feel like i can't keep up, am probably guessing you guys feel the same way too. I truly hope you guys had a great last day of June.
::Some Of My Favourites From Monica Shelby::

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