Thursday, 7 August 2014

☺ 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy ☻

Happy People Are More Beautiful

These are my reasons 'Why' you, yes you reading this should be "Happy"

1. Every new day is a beautiful blessing, because you are alive/breathing, so be happy.

2. Be happy if you have a home, if you have food, if you have all you need, stay thankful.

3. Because life is too short to waste away your time being sad, ungrateful or disappointed.

4. I know that sometimes family can be too much but be happy that they love you dearly.

5. Be really, really happy for your health, without health, everyday would be a struggle.

6. Happy, appreciative and optimistic individuals are the most successful in life as a whole.

7. Another good reason is that you can achieve great things with positivity and happiness.

8. Be happy for all the things that money cannot buy like your parents/your good friends.

9. Everybody needs at least one happy person in their life so why don't you be that one.

10. Be happy that its Summer, that the sun is shining, be happy for the better weather :)

Be The 1 To Aspire 2 Inspire...
Wake up every morning with a smile, be happy its a brand new day...

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