Saturday, 30 August 2014

Food DIY | Watermelon IDEAS

It's The Last Weekend of August, so enjoy it :)
Hiya Guys,

In tonight's blog post i will be sharing a few fun watermelon ideas great for Summer and great if you want to get creative and have fun. Eating fruits during the summer is healthy, light and refreshing as the weather is a lot warmer/hotter depending on where you live but regardless its just nice to enjoy your favourite fruit/s whether you are outside or inside your own home. Watermelon is one of my favourite fruits for the summertime and i sometimes feel like i could eat it all day long and still not get tired of eating it, so my love for watermelon inspired this blog post. I really like to experiment now and again with fruits to create something different or new. It can definitely get boring when you eat something the same way all the time but if you always try your best to be a little bit more adventurous with your breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks you'll honestly discover delicious food combinations and interesting ways to eat. So the next time you are in the kitchen preparing a meal or making a snack for yourself, family or friends be sure to try new things it doesn't necessarily need to be crazy creative but rather fun. 

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It's good to try new things, don't hold back but instead have fun and be imaginative

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