Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hello August...

Hello Guys!

It's feels really good to be back on here, i've actually missed blogging on here so sitting here today writing honestly feels amazing, i needed a month off (July) to just relax, focus on Ramadhan and to reflect on life in general. So it's August which is surprising seeing as this year is flying by but however every new month should make you want to continue to change for the better and seeing as it's now August why not make a little list of things to change/achieve, trust me you'll be beyond glad when the month ends and you have ticked off most of the things on your list, give it a try this month and this Summer :). Am happy because August is one of my favourite months after April, May and before September (Yes i have four favourite months am funny like that hahaha) but my plans for this month hopefully is to be more happy, to do more blogging for you guys, to achieve all my goals, eating and drinking more healthy/exercising more and to continue to change as an individual for the better.

Last month made me realise that we are all capable of achieving great things daily and that if we have the right mindset and attitude we can totally accomplish all that we want, it's just a matter of determination, hard work and self belief. Recently i've realised that not everyone will be happy or supportive of your decisions in life but as long as you know that what you're doing is good/the best option for you then just continue to work at it, be the best at it and most importantly work hard at it with pure passion and just accept that you cannot please everyone. July was a great month filled with happiness for me and it definitely outweighed the bad moments for sure which got me thinking that i want August to be just the same if not more amazing. We have the power to make a difference, let's all be the change we want to see in the world. This new month doesn't have to be terrible because after all it still is Summer that's if you live in the northern hemisphere. So let us all make this month more positive, more wonderful and more great, remember everything is possible, don't ever listen to the doubters or haters but rather be positive, be thankful and stay happy :)

Happy August & Remember Positive Vibes Only

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