Sunday, 24 August 2014

☼ Summer Things · Chill Vibes ☼

Hello Guys,

Happy Sunday! Praying and hoping that you are all well and in good health :). Today i will be sharing with you one of my favourite things about Summer and that is the 'chill vibes' because i don't know about you guys but am able to relax, rest and reap all the wonderful/beautiful benefits that come with Summer which is honestly great for me health wise and to de-stress, get more sleep and to just have a lot more fun. Even though sometimes life can be filled with many hardships be family, work, school or even something personal, i always try to make the most of my free time in this season. Am generally someone who works on trying to be a more positive person, a more healthy/relaxed individual and a more kind/generous/giving soul. I feel like life is way too short to be spent being disrespectful, negative 24/7, angry or sad and just generally unmotivated or ungrateful for life. Seeing the bigger picture in the sense that life is a beautiful blessing will hopefully inspire you that life is worth living despite the many downs or hard times.

Going back to explaining my absolute love for those wonderful chill vibes is that i love to just find time in everyday to chill out, be watching YouTube videos or Tv to resting in my bed or having a fun day out with my family or even spending time sitting in a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by silence & calm to reflect, think and appreciate my life/blessings. Summer always flies by super fast and honestly knowing that it's the end of August kind of scares me a little because that means that roughly in a month summer will come to an end and it will be the start of Autumn which has literally got me wanting this season to last longer. So i urge you guys to make the most of Summer before it ends, to fill it with chill vibes, to surround yourself with happiness, positivity, light and to make time daily to relax, be at peace and to always look on the bright side of everything. Anything is possible so don't let Summer runaway from you without having made the most of any free time you have or get, please know that relaxing and taking some time out can only bring you & your body many health benefits, don't let negativity get in your way ever and just know with a positive outlook you'll have a Summer to remember :)

Chill Vibes Only This Summer, Make This Season Unforgettably Good ☼

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