Sunday, 14 September 2014

A trip to Chicago someday ✈️

There are many places in the world that i would love to travel to or visit someday i probably couldn't list every country or city because it would be a very long list but one place that is on my top ten is Chicago. There's something about this city that i find intriguing, it seems beautiful but with me am the type of person who wants to uncover the hidden areas, locations or places that are not so popular in every place that i visit or want to visit because it's easy to find those amazing popular attractions or landmarks but what about the not so common or the unpopular normal areas, now that's what gets me very intrigued. 

It's like where i live when people from all around the world come and visit London they immediately visit all the amazing landmarks to name a few, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London or Trafalgar Square now whilst that's a typical/normal thing to do which i would probably do too i would still much rather find other unique, uncommon places to see and explore. Chicago is definitely a cool city which i would be grateful to travel to one day/someday but for now am happy admiring this city from the comfort of my own home via the internet. 

Maybe one day i'll get to take a trip to Chicago... 


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