Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Thoughts, Summer in September..

Well September has been very good to me and knowing it's one of my favourite months along with April, May and August am very thankful. When every new month begins am always wondering what it will bring but this month has definitely been great which makes me very Happy. I try to maintain a positive and hopeful mindset every new month and i really try my best to stay calm and thankful whatever the situation be good or bad. However even though i have to say goodbye to September 2014 i will always remember this month for my fresh starts, fun memories and new experiences, i kind of learned to let go of the past and to enjoy the present/now and to be hopeful for the future, life is better this way in my opinion. 

The weather has been great this month, instead of it cooling down it started to get warmer and a bit hotter at times which had me surprised because usually this time of year the typical September weather starts to feel more autumnal not summery in Britain and at times it felt like i was reliving summer all over which is pleasant, beautiful and refreshing to wake up to in the morning. There's something about sunny days that make me happy and am honestly praying that October is just the same hopefully. September is a month of season change as Summer comes to an end and Autumn begins but right now after seeing how many days of warm weather, sunshine and clear blue skies we've had here in the UK i don't think i want this Indian Summer to end.

Goodbye September, you've been good to me :-)
Hello October, please be just as good...

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