Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Weekend; Things To Try

It's The Weekend, Things You Could Try;

Make September a productive month by cleaning/clearing up your home, it may not seem like such a fun weekend thing to do or try but honestly the outcome is always worth it because you end up with a clean and beautiful home which is clutter free, whats not to love right?

Get some fresh air be a walk to your local park or around your neighbourhood, sometimes we all spend a little too much time staying indoors doing absolutely nothing on the weekends or even in our beds on our mobile phones or laptops. So going outside for 10 mins isn't such a bad idea, this also gives you some alone time to clear your head and reflect, give it a try.

Why don't you try and wake up in the morning whilst everyone is still asleep and make them a healthy yet delicious breakfast. This will surprise them all when they wake up with the table all set with good food. It's a thoughtful/sweet thing to do for your family or whoever you live with!

Recently i've got back into reading books, i forgot just how much fun it can be. I used to love reading books as a child/teenager, it is nice to get back into reading again after a long time. Reading books is a refreshing change from being on the internet twenty four seven. If you are out of ideas then give this option a try am sure you'll find it fun, interesting and relaxing.

Enjoy your weekend...
Be open-minded & you'll find many ways to have a great weekend

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