Friday, 31 October 2014

Hearts on WeHeartit // Last Day of October

Happy Friday/Last Day of October,

Well what can i say other than this month has been both wonderful yet challenging but overall am grateful for all the highs and lows, those fun moments with my family mostly on the weekends laughing our faces off over silly things which is great as laughing is somewhat healing and it's kinda like free medicine in someway. I've enjoyed those new experiences, learning more about myself and what i want to accomplish in my life as a whole. Improving on my weaknesses/bad habits, trying to make new changes. So truthfully hand on my heart October was Great. Those beautiful times spent relaxing/resting. Honestly if there's anything i learned these last 30 days is that you know sometimes all you really need is just your family alone, however having said that i still appreciate my friends, readers/supporters. Still cannot believe that it's November tomorrow, a part of me is excited and ready whilst the other half of me is wondering where both September/October went to be completely real.

Still can't believe it's the last day of this month, anyways moving on. Today was a warm/stunning day here in London with the summery/sunny weather and higher than normal temperatures for this time of the year, didn't even feel like Autumn, what a great way to end October on a positive note. So today's blog post is relatively simple as am sharing with you guys a few of my favourite pictures from my all time favourite picture site 'Weheartit'. I thought it'd be a great way to end this month with something fun and different. I could be on the internet forever always searching for beautiful pictures or imagery hence why 'Weheartit' & 'Tumblr' are my go to picture sites, still weheartit will always be my top favourite. Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday and a Beautiful last day of October. Make today or tonight amazing whatever your plans :).

Hearts on Weheartit | October 2014 Edition

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Amazing Autumn Lake Imagery...

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Autumn Poems :: Little Reads

A Few of My Favourite Little Autumn Poems, Happy Reading..

bear and falling leaves

bear, pumpkin and fall leaves

rabbit in a basket

mouse in pumpkin
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I love to read little poems, it's honestly great, short but fun :)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

October/Autumn 2014, Daily Thoughts :)

Hiya Lovely People,

It's the 21st of October already, wow no words right now haha. Well i hope you all have a relaxing, fun and lovely evening/night with beautiful moments, make the most of your evening/night and do remember to stay street safe if you plan on going outside. In tonight's blog post i wanted to share with you all five daily thoughts which i came up with that will hopefully help make the end of this Month/October and Autumn 2014 great hopefully. If last season wasn't the best for you then let that inspire & push you to make this season bigger, beautiful, brighter and if last season was amazing then make this season even more amazing, there's always room for improvement, room for more success and room for all you can imagine.

Every month or season can be better but thats only if you choose to not let those bad days or moments get in the way. I can't stress this enough but please understand that everything happens for a reason, i know life can get confusing but just have faith that those hardships will disappear, why? because nothing is permanent but rather temporary. Be the person who always looks on the bright side despite how terrible you think your life may seem. Put Happiness in front of your Hardship/s always. Make your negative thoughts disappear by replacing them with cheerful more inspiring thoughts. If i can inspire one person through this blog post then my job is done, i honestly appreciate my readers and if you are reading this then know you are special in your own way. Make October 2014 wonderful by being a optimist & a opportunist.

 Daily Thoughts | This October/Autumn

  • Change your outlook, the way you see everything daily this month, your mindset and who knows life may seem refreshingly different, you may end up realising that actually, 'am blessed' to have the life i do have and that i should be more grateful.

  • Be helpful/thoughtful daily, whether it be to your own family like mum, dad, siblings or even your friends, people you meet on the street or work colleagues, don't underestimate the power of helping others, not only are you doing a good deed but you are helping those who really need it, be thoughtful everyday.

  • Think about whether you are doing enough today or daily to help reach your goals or dreams. Everyday should be a chance to help change your future into something great so try to make every single day count and do reflect often.

  • A single positive thought daily can make your day that much better. Happy or positive thoughts have a way of making us feel thankful and a way of making us want to be productive/work harder, so give it a go this month/season.

  • Remember amazing things come to those who are patient, kind and appreciative, so ask yourself daily am i any of the above. It's easy to be impatient, rude and ungrateful but having qualities like patience doesn't come very easy which is why its a beautiful quality to have, so think like a kind person daily.
Grab those opportunities this october and be more open-minded.. 
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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Goodbye September, Hello October

Hello There,

Well it's October, now am sure most of you are wondering like me, how it's October already because honestly it seems like it was July not too long ago or like yesterday. I am just that person who can never get over just how quickly everyday, week, month, season and year goes by, what can i say other than time firstly waits for nobody and secondly time flies. Am kind of sad that September is over because September is one of my favourite months but with that being said am interested to see where October will take me.

Hope you all have a Great October and just remember no matter how hard/difficult life may seem there are many things we should all be thankful for. Just like anyone else i struggle to be positive sometimes, i struggle to look on the bright side and i struggle to be happy at times too but honestly when i look at my blessings, the goodness in my life and everything that i should be thankful for, all the negatives simply seem to disappear and the positives remind me how blessed i am. This month really can be great if you just believe in yourself, make healthy/happy changes in your life and if you be grateful.

Happy October, Make This New Month Unforgettable...
Appreciate, Smile, Work Hard, Reflect & Give Back This October