Sunday, 5 October 2014

Goodbye September, Hello October

Hello There,

Well it's October, now am sure most of you are wondering like me, how it's October already because honestly it seems like it was July not too long ago or like yesterday. I am just that person who can never get over just how quickly everyday, week, month, season and year goes by, what can i say other than time firstly waits for nobody and secondly time flies. Am kind of sad that September is over because September is one of my favourite months but with that being said am interested to see where October will take me.

Hope you all have a Great October and just remember no matter how hard/difficult life may seem there are many things we should all be thankful for. Just like anyone else i struggle to be positive sometimes, i struggle to look on the bright side and i struggle to be happy at times too but honestly when i look at my blessings, the goodness in my life and everything that i should be thankful for, all the negatives simply seem to disappear and the positives remind me how blessed i am. This month really can be great if you just believe in yourself, make healthy/happy changes in your life and if you be grateful.

Happy October, Make This New Month Unforgettable...
Appreciate, Smile, Work Hard, Reflect & Give Back This October 



  1. I love how positive you are !! keep it up girl!! Every time I read your posts I always feel uplifted.

    1. Thank you so much :) - This made my night, am glad am able to inspire you in someway. These are the kind of comments that keep me going and make me want to make more blog posts for you guys always! Thank you so much for your comment, hope you are having a great day or night :D