Friday, 31 October 2014

Hearts on WeHeartit // Last Day of October

Happy Friday/Last Day of October,

Well what can i say other than this month has been both wonderful yet challenging but overall am grateful for all the highs and lows, those fun moments with my family mostly on the weekends laughing our faces off over silly things which is great as laughing is somewhat healing and it's kinda like free medicine in someway. I've enjoyed those new experiences, learning more about myself and what i want to accomplish in my life as a whole. Improving on my weaknesses/bad habits, trying to make new changes. So truthfully hand on my heart October was Great. Those beautiful times spent relaxing/resting. Honestly if there's anything i learned these last 30 days is that you know sometimes all you really need is just your family alone, however having said that i still appreciate my friends, readers/supporters. Still cannot believe that it's November tomorrow, a part of me is excited and ready whilst the other half of me is wondering where both September/October went to be completely real.

Still can't believe it's the last day of this month, anyways moving on. Today was a warm/stunning day here in London with the summery/sunny weather and higher than normal temperatures for this time of the year, didn't even feel like Autumn, what a great way to end October on a positive note. So today's blog post is relatively simple as am sharing with you guys a few of my favourite pictures from my all time favourite picture site 'Weheartit'. I thought it'd be a great way to end this month with something fun and different. I could be on the internet forever always searching for beautiful pictures or imagery hence why 'Weheartit' & 'Tumblr' are my go to picture sites, still weheartit will always be my top favourite. Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday and a Beautiful last day of October. Make today or tonight amazing whatever your plans :).

Hearts on Weheartit | October 2014 Edition

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