Sunday, 7 December 2014


Hiya There//Happy December,

We are now a week into the last month of the year which is unbelievably confusing to start thinking about as this year literally flew by/ran away from us. Still cannot believe the first week of December is almost gone, i have a feeling this month will fly by the fastest. Well guys make this month great, amazing and fabulous, you all have the power to shine brighter than ever. Go after your dreams, throw away any doubts whether its from your own mind/heart, or family or even from people who constantly put you down, ignore the negativity, have self belief and truly believe that you can achieve your dream/s. This December i challenge you all to think new beginnings, think new chances and think happiness. Life is a gift so appreciate your life/what you have.

Sometimes everything in life gets a little too much, we all get uninspired, disappointed, fed up and lose hope but that's not the right attitude to have because even though it may seem like your world is falling apart someone else who is far more less fortunate than yourself would love to take your place and have your blessings, your life and your home because truthfully their life is probably unbearable, painful and extremely hard with many hardships more than we could ever imagine so please do remember to stay grateful every single day, remember to help those who really need it and remember to always have faith/hope. I know it is never easy to stay positive twenty four seven but all am encouraging here is for you guys to just try, that's all, no more and no less. Life will have many ups and downs, some good times and some bad times but just know that with time eventually everything will seem brighter.

Have a Beautiful December/Last Month of 2014 - Smile, Happiness is A Choice :)

::This December Go After Your Dreams, Throw Away Any Doubts::
Give Back To The Homeless, Donate To A Charity, Help Out Your Own Family/Friend/s. 
Be Giving This Month To Everyone & To Every Living Thing. 
Be Kind To Everyone You Meet ~ Happy Vibes Only!


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