Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy January 2015 ~ Be Grateful

Hello Guys!

Well it's officially 2015, which i am still getting used to if am being honest with you guys, 2014 is no longer here, it is now in the past/a part of the past which is weird to write yet state and think about altogether. It's already day 3 (of January/this month) about to be day 4 here in the UK, i have a good feeling this month will end before we all know it, just you watch hahaha, even though i feel like i can never keep up with time or get over just how fast every day, week, month, season and year seems to go by. I honestly pray and hope that this is a great year for us all and everyone. 

A little advice i wanted to share is about being more grateful this year. Majority, undermine the beauty of gratitude, the power it holds and the blessings it can bring. To be a grateful person or just being grateful daily is a wonderful thing. Gratitude however doesn't come easy, why? because firstly its about training your mind to be more grateful, to see the beauty of life despite the many hardships that befall you and to realise how blessed you are to have the life you do have, regardless of how terrible you may think your life seems. This year make an extra effort to be more grateful-to incorporate more gratitude into your everyday life. Be mindful and aware of what you have, remember majority of the time you have what you need and not what you necessarily want or desire. Being grateful can bring you more happiness, many health benefits and more than you can possibly imagine, give it a go :-)