Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hello March...

"Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything"

Happy March :)

Well its finally March! Where did January/February go? Honestly i don't think i'll ever know the answer to that question, just because i cannot quite possibly believe how fast every single month goes by. Whenever i try to make sense of 'time', i somehow find myself feeling confused and a little lost, so i've just learned to accept that time will always travel by very quickly before our eyes. Moving on, am just grateful because March is the month of weather & season change as Winter comes to an end and its the return/beginning of Spring (My Favourite Season) thats if you live in the northern hemisphere, i love spring - am a Spring person and always will be :). March has the potential to be a beautiful month filled with new beginnings, light, happiness and more but however that all depends on you, your mindset, your attitude. 
The choice is yours..

I just wanted to share a little (message) with you guys tonight and hopefully you will take something from it, be inspired somehow and implement it into your life and essentially in March. Happiness takes work, to find happiness you need to dig deep, you need to make search for it and you need to understand that it is something on the inside which you bring out. Reliance on a certain object or materialistic thing does not necessarily bring you "happiness" because what if what made you "happy" was taken away from you? then what will you have? take a moment, think, reflect and question? True happiness/peace comes from enjoying, appreciating and loving life innocently, simply. Finding happiness does not have to be hard at all, why? because we all already have the natural ability created purely within us to be simply happy without a reason, truthfully it is better to just be happy and smiley for no reason like a child :). Happiness is an inside job, its you, its your family, friends and life. What brings us happiness shouldn't really be 'things' but rather priceless..

Search for happiness hopefully and you will see it. Search for gratitude gracefully and you will feel it. Search for patience persistently and you will find it.

I hope you always find a reason to smile...

Happy March Beautiful People, Think New Beginnings
Start Every New Day With A Positive & Colourful Thought
This March, I Challenge You All To Be Happy Daily
Love You Guys, Thank You For The Amazing Support :)

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